The Difference Between Shared Hosting & Dedicated Servers

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Dedicated Servers
When it comes to making the choice of what web hosting package to use for your website or business, the choices boil down to either dedicated servers or shared hosting. But what is the fundamental differences and which is the best one for you?

Dedicated Servers, Shared Hosting and Security

If you opt for shared web hosting you will be sharing space with other businesses and people. Whilst sharing is a good thing (or so we was brought up to believe), a shared web hosting account means you may share server space with spammers or other activities, which you don't want your website being even remotely related to. Your access is limited through a control panel that is provided by the hosting provider. If the web host is in charge of the control panel then they are in control of your access. If your web host have any security issues and dont provide adequate security then your entire website and business could be at risk.

The benefits to shared hosting would be the cost vs dedicated servers. Shared web hosting accounts are generally a lot cheaper than dedicated servers. Shared hosting is perfectly fine if you only host one or two single small websites.

Dedicated Servers gives the owner full and complete access. Whilst that is clearly a better option, the cost of dedicated servers is considerably more than a shared hosting package. You do get full access so any hosting decisions lie solely with the person who pays the dedicated server bill. As always, if you opt for a dedicated server, never under-estimate the importance of technical support.

When we talk about shared web hosting, the real question is, how much do you like to share? With shared hosting your website is sharing a web server with potentially thousands of other websites. Like I said earlier, you could be sharing servers with spammers/malware/virus distributing websites, and you probably would not even know it.

A dedicated server does gives you exclusive control over all of the resources the server has to offer.

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Don't want your growth restricted? Opt for a Dedicated Server instead

Regarding web hosting, let's look at the issue of scalability. Most shared hosting accounts do not allow you to install your own applications. They have a set configuration and they do not go outside the box, thereby limiting your websites growth. With Tsohost you can scale up and down as you need. This is very useful if you are running marketing promotions and expect surges in web traffic, ensuring your site stays online even when hammered with lots of visitor requests.

So all in all, whilst shared hosting may be cheaper, it also reduces the amount of control you have over your website hosting. Dedicated servers are a far more viable option for most SMB businesses.

Of course, you could always opt for a virtual server - lots of the benefits of a dedicated server, at a fraction of the cost!

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The Difference Between Shared Hosting & Dedicated Servers
The Difference Between Shared Hosting & Dedicated Servers and what you need to know to make the right choice in which hosting options you pick!
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