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Tsohost offer a free domain name with both their Pro and Ultimate hosting packages. If you have never registered a domain name then we have some really helpful information to help you pick the best name for your online business.

Choosing the best free domain name

Before you register yourself a domain name for your business, there are some things that you really need to consider. The fun starts by picking a domain name that is suitable for you and your business. Whilst this may seem easy and straightforward at first, it does require you to do some key research to pick a name that is not just suitable for your online business, but is also memorable so it sticks in the minds of your potential customers. Family members and freinds are perfect to get to help you brainstorm suitable suggestions in picking a suitable free domain name. A domain name should be one that is as short as possible, simple & reflects the nature of your business.

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How do I claim my free domain name?

Add any one of the Tsohost hosting packages that come with a free domain name to your basket.
Click “Checkout”.
Click the link that says “select your free domain here”.
Search for your chosen free domain name.
Tick the box next to it, when its returned from a search result.
Click Add.

It really is that simple to get a free domain name and with our super Tsohost promotional code you can save even more money!

Once you have thought about a suitable free domain name, you will want to make sure it is not already registered to somebody else. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  1. Go to the domain by typing it in your web browser. If a site appears then the domain is taken and not available for you to register.
  2. Search a whois database. Nominet is the one for UK based domains. Internic is for other domain extensions.

When you find a free domain name that is both unique and suitable, then do not delay in registering it. Domain registering is mainly undertaken by website hosting providers, along with other services. You can also get domain names through separate service providers who only register domain names. When you purchase the Pro or Ultimate package from Tsohost you will then be given an option to register a free domain name and that can be any form of domain name extension.

“My domain is already registered”

You can also buy domain names from people or domain name sellers. However, generally speaking you will have to pay a lot more to get these domains. If you wish to change your domain name registrar, make sure that your domain is at least 60 days old otherwise the ICANN registrar will not allow it. If you wish to buy a domain name that is already registered you can do so via Sedo (who are a domain brokering service. We always believe with enough thought and effort you can come up with a similar name (as long as there is no potential copyright infringements).

A lasting relationship

Whilst we are fond of Tsohost, we always encourage users to do their own research when it comes to hosting and domain names. You should be fully comfortable with your web host or a registrar because you will be with them for potentially a good few years. Whilst moving web sites is possible, it does come with a wealth of elements to consider and usually a premium cost associated with moving hosts too. Whilst you can read reviews, generally speaking; web forums are a great place to get peoples opinions on pretty much anything, domain names included. This way, you will know both the pros and cons and select the best domain name registrar or website hosting provider that will hopefully ensure the success of your online business.

But what if it doesn’t work out?

It is worth making sure that your domain name register is a certified ICANN registrar for domain names. This is because; only ICANN registrar is the one that certifies businesses which have the right processes and technology in place. Besides, this also gives the consumers security and protection and if your service provider gives you any issues ICANN gives you a platform to complain. Tsohost are registered with ICANN so you can rest assured you get competitive prices, great technical support and 100% piece of mind.

How much can I save?

If you was to buy the excellent Pro Hosting package at £49.99 per year, and wanted a free .com/.net domain name (usually cost £8.99) then the total cost would be £58.98. Using one of our exclusive discount codes you will only pay 44.99 all together. Saving a total of £13.99! If you was to opt for an ultimate package on an annual basis, it costs £199 with one of our discount codes that cost now becomes £179 + a free domain worth £8.99 saving over £25! It’s better in your pocket than theirs!

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To order web hosting and get your free domain name from Tsohost

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Free Domain Name
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Free Domain Name
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