How to Generate Business Through Social Media


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Some business owners start on social media sites with the immediate mind set of “sell sell sell”. They will lovingly write a lot of blog posts, post endless advertisements and maybe even start communicating with other business owners, all with one simple goal – to generate business through social media.

Are you trying to generate business through Social Media?

After a few months pass, the business owner becomes somewhat disillusioned. They scratch their heads and wonder “why do I have no new business???” After all they have put the blog posts out, the status’s the cute/funny pictures and still not a sale in sight. With that, most of these business owners walk away believing social media is just hype, or for the big boys in business.

Why is social media not working for me?

One of the first problems here is, that most users of social media are not in “buying mode”. Secondly- would you try selling on your complaints channel? No you wouldn’t. Or at least you shouldn’t. Social media is a channel to communicate with customers. Just bombarding your followers with sales messages selling products and services, just turns people off. Generally speaking generating business on social media sites works differently from most other forms of marketing. It is almost impossible to generate business through Social Media at the start, especially.

Trust is the key to more sales.

It takes more time to build real relationships with people that you have never met face to face, then in real life.

So how do we know you are who you say you are? Until you and/or your business has a strong reputation and have been around for a while? If you are new to social media then use a more gentle approach. Be in it for the long term. Don’t just dive right in pushing your warez on people. It wont sit right and you will scare away more people than you will probably attract. Also, if you are good at what you do and you have awards or good testimonials don’t be afraid to show them off or highlight them to users on your social media channels. Building trust is what it’s all about.

You can get a good head start in your social media conquest simply by planning your approach and strategy. Most new businesses do not make a profit in their first year, which raises the very valid point of ‘Why do people expect to get a return on social networking sites within the first few months?’

It simply does not work like that.

Building your own personal brand takes time. It is impossible to build a real internet presence overnight. First you have to establish credibility and then start marketing your wares – not the other way around!

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Start the Conversation

Generating conversation and debate amongst your followers can really help you shape your business so, see the bigger picture here.
Another key feature to generate business through social media, is to make the content not just engaging but also to be something people naturally want to share. Thing such as promotions, offers and incentives work well and should help spread your message through the masses.

Creating a profile that works with your business and brand takes time, research, and trial and error. You will have to figure out what people like, dislike and expect from you. You will need to discover how to make your profile attractive and engaging for your fans and for the search engines. You will have to test, test and test some more until you find a balance that works well and provides a suitable return of investment. Only then will you be able to generate business through social media.

Do you have any top tips in how to generate business through Social Media? We would love to hear from you. Simply leave a comment below and let’s discuss.

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How to Generate Business Through Social Media
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How to Generate Business Through Social Media
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