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tsohost choosing the right web hosting
If you have never bought a domain name or web hosting before then this guide aims to help you! If you want to take up web design as a hobby, or if you run a small business then you may have decided that you need a website, but before that you will have to purchase a web hosting account from a suitable hosting company. We strongly recommend Tsohost, because of the cost (very affordable hosting) and the service is second to none in terms of support and network infrastructure. However there are thousands of good web-hosting businesses to choose from. If you do a quick search for them in Google, you will find that there are probably far too many to count. Choosing the company that is right for you can be a a daunting experience, but there is just a few basic things to remember.

Before you sign up to your chosen web hosting service, you will first need to choose and purchase a suitable domain name. It could very well be the domain name you wish to choose will be already taken, so to find one that suits your needs, you may have to get creative with it. For example, if your business is called Gifts For Kids and that domain name is already taken, you might consider choosing Affordable Gifts For Kids or Gifts For Kids Online. The possibilities really are endless, and with a little thought and research you should be able to think of an awesome (and more importantly a memorable) domain name.

Purchasing a Domain Name

To purchase a domain name you can either buy one through your web hosting company, or you can purchase it through a private domain name registrar. It does not make much difference, but I personally prefer for my Web Host (Tsohost) to be my domain registrar because if any issues arrive then they can provide a faster response to any issues. These companies are very easy to find. You can buy a domain name for a minimum of one year at a time, or you can buy a domain name for several years, depending on how much you want to invest from the get-go. Google do give websites where the domain name has been registered for multiple years, more weight in its search index as it sees a domain registered for several years is likely to be a scam site of some kind.

Once you have a domain name, you will then be ready to start making your site. There are lots of “do-it-yourself” web design programs that will get the job done. Software such as Dreamweaver makes web design a bit easier as they use what is called a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get). However, if you would like a more professional look, I would advise to consider hiring a freelance web designer, which there are plenty of good ones who are looking for work and who are ready to work with you, if you are not confident of tackling it yourself.

Web Space and Bandwidth that come with your web hosting account

Another thing you need to consider when selecting a web hosting company is how much web space and bandwidth they will give you for your account. If you just want a single page with little or even no graphics, you can get by with purchasing an account with the smallest amount of space available. Tsohost do a lite package that costs less than £15 a year (which is about 30 pence per week!) However, if you are planning to build and run a full e-commerce site with multiple pages, lots of images and SSL certificates, you will need to make sure you have enough server space and bandwidth to support the entire functioning of your website.

Web hosting companies, including Tsohost give you access to your space on their web servers. You can upload files and pages using their own interface programs, or you can utilize the upload tools built in to your web design program, or you can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Once you have uploaded your site, it is important to make sure it looks correct on a variety of different devices and browsers. Once you work out the kinks and create an excellent site (or pay somebody to do it for you), all you have to do is pay your web hosting bill, and your website will be available on the internet for the world to see.

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Choosing the right Web Hosting Provider
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Choosing the right Web Hosting Provider
Are Tsohost the right host for you? Here we list some things you should consider when choosing the right web hosting provider. Find out more, now.

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