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Tsohost Wordpress Web Hosting
After you have bought your hosting no doubt you will want to get working on your website, but before we even think of that, we need to decide 1) What will our site contain? 2) The best system to handle the needs of the website. We recommend customers that Wordpress is often the best choice in most circumstances. No doubt, if you are here now researching Tsohost and Wordpress, then you are probably considering it and that's a great thing, because Tsohost and Wordpress work together seamlessly.

Tsohost Wordpress

Now, we are not normally fans of One Click Installs as they often don't usually allow you much room to secure the install, however Tsohosts' one click install system takes all that worry away, so it is a great choice for your Tsohost Wordpress install. Once you have gone through the purchase of the hosting and domain name and set everything up, you will get your login details to the cloud hosting control panel. When you have logged in, you will be presented with a selection of options.

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Follow our handy, step by step guide to setting up Tsohost Wordpress:

Click the ‘Add New Website’ option.

tsohost wordpress step1
Enter your new domain name in to the text box.
tsohost wordpress step2
Now select the Linux option then click ‘Create New Site’.
Your tsohost cloud hosting is ready to use!
Now you need to install the WordPress CMS application on your hosting account. Go to the bottom of the page you should see a sub heading called ‘Application Options’, click the option ‘Install Applications’.
tsohost wordpress step4
Now, we choose where to install your CMS. As you have decided on WordPress, you now just click the green Install button next to Wordpress.
Choose an install path. If you want to install the website on the main domain then you do not have to enter anything and just click the 'Install Application' link.
Your brand new Wordpress CMS is now installed. Scroll down and hit the 'Login' button to reveal your username, and password and the url where you login.

It really is that simple. However, if you need any help, or further assistance just leave a comment below and we will do our best to help you.

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Tsohost Wordpress Help Guide
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Tsohost Wordpress Help Guide
Tsohost Wordpress and everything you need to know. Tsohost and Wordpress work together seamlessly. Read our guide on Tsohost and Wordpress.

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These guys are probably the best hosting provider in the UK at the moment. They are great customers services department and there servers have very little down time. Even when that happens you are a very long and detailed email from the man in charge detailing the whys and hows.

Will always come to this company for my hosting solutions.

Michelle Hibert