Premium Virtual Servers. Flexibility of a dedicated Server, without the high costs.
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  • Premium Virtual Servers


  • Regular VDS


    / mo.
    • CPU: 1x Virtual Xeon Core
    • RAM: 768MB DDR3 Memory
    • Storage: 20GB RAID10
    • Bandwidth: 400GB
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  • Large VDS


    / mo.
    • CPU: 2x Virtual Xeon Cores
    • RAM:1.5GB DDR3 Memory
    • Storage: 40GB RAID10
    • Bandwidth: 800GB
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  • Super Sized VDS


    / mo.
    • CPU: 4x Virtual Xeon Cores
    • RAM: 3GB DDR3 Memory
    • Storage: 80GB RAID10
    • Bandwidth: 1600GB
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Regular Virtual Server

A significant step up from shared hosting, a Virtual Server is a separated machine devoted to you. Preferably matched for those who either need a specialised host environment, improved performance, or a more premium web host experience. No specialized knowledge is required - Tsohost will do all the work. Using the newest in Dell Components with SAS drivers, the Regular Virtual Server is an excellent starting off point for business websites, enjoying Tsohosts' 24/7 tracking and full control service.

Large Virtual Server

Tsohost Large Virtual Server is developed for websites that need serious speed. Often used for increasing Magento websites, or WordPress shops which take benefits of the optimization experience they have over at Tsohost; they can provide a very impressive Virtual Server hosting solution. Tsohost will manage the migration of your website from another provider with no interruption. Scalability is of course very essential, and Tsohost can modify the requirements of any exclusive host server on request.

Super Sized Virtual Server

Tsohosts' Supersize Virtual Server quickly outperforms dedicated servers by our opponents and is a preferred item amongst their clients. Supersize Virtual Servers are often used for huge websites (e.g. e-commerce websites) that need a lot of handling power and storage. Another choice is the clustering (Private Cloud) solutions they provide. This includes clustering several exclusive servers together, distributing sources over many servers. For more information on this simply contact us today.

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Instant helpful service
A previous webmaster moved me to Tsohost from 1&1, what a difference in service! The webmaster has gone, but Tsohost remains for both my sites.

Ian David