What Is Dedicated Hosting?


Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting from Tsohost is what many companies and organisations use to host their websites and applications and offers many benefits over shared hosting. However, dedicated hosting is not the best solution for everybody and the cost is vastly different from shared hosting (which is a massive factor in any business budget).

So, just what exactly is Dedicated Hosting?

If you have a shared web hosting account, then basically you will be sharing your websites home with lots of other neighbors. This can have a negative affect on performance and uptime. When you start using dedicated web hosting, your website will be the only website on that server. Dependability is the number one reason people choose to go with a dedicated web hosting solution.
If you have many departments or sister companies or other companies that you have relationships with, you can share the server resources and power with them, without having to sacrifice performance.

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However, extra hardware and the dependability factor does come at a higher premium. Shared hosting packages with Tsohost start from £2.99 a month. The basic dedicated hosting package from Tsohost starts at £298 a month and range as high as several thousand a month. Most people fall into the £200 to £500 a month range for dedicated web hosting.

There are two major factors when you are looking for suitable dedicated hosting. The first is if your dedicated server is managed or unmanaged. All dedicated servers from Tsohost are fully managaged which means Tsohost cover the operation and monitoring of server software on your system, allowing you to focus on your website and business.

You also need to consider the hardware for the server. How fast is the CPU? What size disks will you need? etc. When you are making these choices and selections you should try and forward think a bit. You don’t want to overpay for resources you will not use, but on the same strength you dont want your dedicated server or user experience to suffer. The great thing about Tsohost in this regard, is scalability is not a problem.

To see the specification of Tsohost Dedicated servers, simply view our Tsohost dedicated server page.

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